About Us

Welcome to BayReviews, a news and reviews site for professionals, enthusiasts, techies, etc… We are dedicated to keeping our visitors up-to-date on the latest industry news and all of the in-depth information about any product we review. News posts are updated daily to deliver something new and spicy from all around the web. We provide detailed product reviews, purchasing guides, technology news, and price comparisons about your favorite products in one place.

A little History

This site started out as an index of all the reviews we wrote on a community site called Epinions but evolved to something much bigger and broader as time passed. We started out with a static site with nothing but a list of reviews, but with all the detailed information that we still include in our reviews (though we think we have improved a lot are continuing to learn and grow daily). BayReviews didn’t start out as a computer mod site or anything like that, but a review site. We specialize in testing and reviewing products and providing our readers with our findings without any bias or pressure. Today, BayReviews is at its 5th edition and fully dynamic. We continue to add and improve as we go and do take comments, suggestions, and advice from our readers, friends, and competitors to do the right thing.

How to use BayReviews?

To find the latest reviews on the latest products, just look on the home page. To find the latest technology news, just click on Most Recent News from our Blog. You can also browse reviews and guides using the categories on the left column of the site. There is also a fast search engine built-in to search through all the news and reviews on the site. If you have any more questions just send us a message.