Answers to some frequently asked questions. Send us a message if you don’t find your answers here.

Can I advertise on BayReviews?

Yes. We have very competitive pricing plans and accept a variety of formats. Please contact us for more details.

Can I ask you to review a product I am interested in?

Yes you can. Just use the Contact Us form to send us a message and we will consider reviewing the product. It does depend on a few factors such as: product availability, funding and time.

Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturers Website
  • Product Name
  • Product Model / Serial Number
  • A link to the product itself

Can I submit a my own review?

Unfortunately, we do not accept users reviews at this time. But feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section of recent articles. We do however, have plans to implement this feature in the future.

Do you sell any of the products I see on the site?

No, we do NOT sell anything on BayReviews. And we will never sell anything on BayReviews. We do, however, display ads that may direct you to other sites that probably do want to sell to you.

Who writes these reviews?

All reviews on BayReviews are written by the editor-in-chief and/or staff writers/editors.

Can we submit our products for review?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

How do we acquire the products to review?

We buy products we review because we review what we own first. We do, however, sometimes receive review samples that we have to send back.