1-800-Flowers.com Online Store Review

Get flowers and get lucky!

I have been using this 1800flowers.com online store for over three years now. I use it whenever I want to send flowers to people and I cannot go personally. I first came across this site when I was searching online for a place to purchase and ship flowers to my family in a different city. Now, on every special occasion, all I have to do is pick the flowers I want, type a message, and send the flowers to whomever I want. This site can save you in times when you forget those important anniversaries and birthdays.


1800flowers.com is designed so you can find and purchase the most beautiful set of flowers you want quickly and easily. All you have to do is select the vase, bouquet, or basket of flowers you want or search for the right one using the helpful categories. Just add the sets you want to the shopping cart and checkout. Sometimes they have specials like free shipping or discounted prices on special events or in emergency situations.

As soon as you log on to this online store, you will notice seven links (Home, Flowers, Plants & Evergreens, Gourmet, Sweet Shoppe, Collectibles & More, & Gifts) on the very top and two main columns underneath on the whole page. The left column shows all the new and featured items (vase, bouquet, or baskets), and the right column shows you their currently available categories. These categories keep changing based on the season so you find the right set of flowers for the right season. The Home link is automatically selected so you will see the two main columns on the home page.

To shop: if you are looking to buy roses for your partner on your anniversary, you will simply have to click on Anniversary from the rightmost column which will show you a page with all collections that are suitable for anniversaries. You then have to find the set you like and click on the picture (they also list the price under the picture). Doing so will navigate you to a page with detailed information on your selection and on the bottom of that page, you will see options where you can pick the color, enter the state and zip to ship to, and the date to be delivered. Then you can either click on “add to cart” (if you want to do more shopping) or “checkout” (to complete the purchase).

When you click on the “Checkout” link, you will then have an option to add special things to the order (like balloons). Then you simply have to select a message card type and input a message to be printed on that card (up to 210 characters). Then if you already have an account, you can log in or enter your information if it is your first time. Then you will be asked for payment information after which you can submit the order and complete the transaction. You can also enter any coupon codes you have for discounts.


I completed my purchase at 1800flowers.com in about 8 to 10 minutes because this site is really easy to use and the flowers are easy to find. I did not encounter any problems with the site’s ability to perform its duties or any design flaws. I personally think the site is designed so most everyone can use it without much difficulty; although you may want to spend some time looking at their inventory of beautiful flowers before you make your purchase.

After I added the flowers I wanted to the shopping cart, all I had to do to complete the purchase was to click on the Checkout button. I then provided my billing, shipping, contact, and payment information and completed the transaction (I just use my login information after my first purchase). You can use most major credit cards like Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, Dinner, JBC, and Carte Blanche cards.

After the purchase was completed, I received a confirmation email with detailed information about the flowers I had purchased and how I can get order status information. My orders always arrive on time as promised without any problems or damages.


My experience at 1800flowers.com was a pleasant one and I did not have any problems before, during, or after making the purchase. The site allowed me to find what I was looking for quickly and easily and to complete the order without any problems. The prices are always reasonable than most stores and some other online stores. So I would highly recommend this online store to everyone for all their needs during those special occasions. Overall I had a pleasant experience with the 1800flowers.com.