Stop It with the Verizon iPhone Rumors Already!

What the heck is up with all these “unconfirmed” rumors from “unnamed sources” about the iPhone coming to Verizon… again? Last I checked, Apple had an exclusivity agreement with AT&T for a while and there are at least two (2) service providers in the US that work on the CDMA network. So when someone says, Apple is making a CDMA phone, it could mean Sprint, Verizon, or someone else too. Anyways, but why the heck post unknown and unconfirmed rumors?

I know why, to get attention and bank on traffic!

Well, in any case, I will believe it when I see it! You have to remember that rumors are in fact just rumors! And rumors may or may not be true at all. So calm down people. The iPhone is just a mobile device that may or may not come to your service provider (may that be Sprint or Verizon). Till then just be happy with what you have now and enjoy your life. Enjoy as in, get out there in the real world, and interacting with real people — socializing (no not Facebook)! There is a beautiful world outside the box of Apple or any other company!

Anyway, I just had to get this out. I am just sick and tired of all these rumors! Share your thoughts too if you so wish!