Google TV… Finally some good stuff?

Google TV is getting a lot of buzz lately and that it should because I personally think the more competition we have in that market the better for the consumers (like you and me). We need someone to compete with Apple TV where the only content you get is from iTunes. We needed something like Google TV for a while now. We needed a device to grab content from multiple (everything besides iTunes) sources and show it on our TV’s. I think it’s about time we moved on to the new century with TV.

We need to move away from cable TV and high prices. It’s time we have free content from all over the web on our TV’s. We (well I at least) needed a TV with a “real” browser that can be used to browse the entire web (not just the ones without Flash… hehe). Have you ever wanted to search the web on your TV? I know I have! Already have an Android device and own lots of apps that you wish you could use on your TV? Well, now you can with Google TV. And to top that off, you can control your Google TV with your Android device. But wait, there’s more (I think I have heard that somewhere… haha), it records what you watch too!

I am not saying that Google TV is the best or anything, because frankly, I haven’t tried it yet. I just excited about the features it promises. The real test would be when it is released on Sony TV’s soon — I don’t want/need another set-top box. That’s what I am waiting for!

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