Verizon and Apple playing with iPad!

So, Verizon will start offering the iPad from October 28th. I wonder how the other tablets will do now? So much for the Galaxy Tab and future Motorola tablet. Also looking at the $20 price tag for the 1GB data seems like something that will be a transition over to regular data plans soon. From this, we can definitely speculate that the iPhone will soon make its way to the Verizon network according to the unconfirmed rumors floating around.

Anyways, back to the iPad, why do we care? It is still a toy that you don’t really need but will probably get anyway because everyone else is getting it and also because Lord Jobs said so. I can understand people buy the iPhone when (there is no if any more) it comes to Verizon because of network issues with AT&T but that’s about it. I don’t understand the benefits of getting an iPad through Verizon vs AT&T. But I guess it is a step in the somewhat right direction? Why do I get the feeling that Verizon will completely abandon the Android clan once the iPad and iPhone hit its network? What do you think?

Source : Verizon Wireless