Rubbermaid Business Card Holder Review

Holds lots of cards...


Great for your office or business…


Clear, compact, and large capacity…


None at all!

We have this Rubbermaid Transparent Acrylic 8-Pocket Business Card Holder at work that holds all of our business cards and is in plain view for anyone to pick-up. My boss got this from Staples even before I started working here. My sister has one of these in her office as well. This thing has eight pockets so you can have eight different cards in each slot.


This is a clear (plastic) eight slot business card holder that we have in our office to hold four different business cards. We gave two slots to each business card. The good thing about this is that it holds about sixty cards in each slot; that is a total of 480 cards per holder. It works well for us and we do not have to keep filling it very often as it holds a lot. You can also screw this to the wall if you do not have space on your desk. We have it on our front desk so everyone who comes in will see it as they enter.

This holder is about 8 inches wide, 3 and a quarter inches in-depth, and a little more than 3 and a half inches high. Each one of the slots is about 3 and a quarter inches wide.


My company has had this since before I started working here and it does not break or distract. It is clear and in plain view, so when you look at it all you see are the business cards and not the holder. It is plastic so you can use your favorite label maker to stick a label if you want for each slot.