Sanford Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Markers Review

Make your mark with this Marker!


One of the best permanent markers available today…


Bold, permanent, and very useful…


None at all!

I have been using these (Sanford Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker) permanent markers for years now because I find these extremely useful when packaging, writing notices, blacking out stuff, or just writing something big.

I use these regularly when I package things I sell on eBay and ship them. I also use these at work for writing various things. I checked prices at and they sell for about $3.99 (or so) for a pack of five.


These permanent markers are about 5 and ½ inches in length and a little about (0.5) an inch in width (with the cap on). The fine point is about a 1/4 of an inch in length. The body of the marker is cylindrical and grayish with manufacturer prints on it. There is not much that is special about this marker, but all that matters is that they write fine and there is no mess. There is no finger grip on these markers, but they should not slip out of your hand. These are just thick enough so that you can hold them in your hands comfortably. On the other side, there is a black cap that keeps the permanent ink from drying out there is also a clip on the cap for clipping onto a shirt pocket, binder, book, etc…

I was amazed to see that these markers write on most surfaces that some pens tend to flake out on. The ink is permanent on most surfaces also, so it will last you a long time. Finished work written with these markers look neat and bold, so you will not have any problems showing what you intended to write.


I came across these markers when I first started selling on eBay and had to write names and addresses on the packaging. Now I use these almost on a daily basis for all my writing needs that need to be bold. I usually use these markers at work for making temporary signs and notices for our employees and they turn out great and do not fade out in the sun. I also use these to make temporary labels for our customer records (Smead hanging folder labels). They last a pretty long time, and the results are great.

I like to put the cap on the rear end of the marker when I write because it puts some weight on it for better handling, and unlike some other markers I have used, the cap stays on tight and stays there until I cover the tip with it again. Also, putting the cap on the rear end also keeps it from getting lost in this big shop.

I would have liked using these markers even more if there was a cushioned grip on them to make my writing experience more comfortable and to provide the smoothest writing experience. Sometimes my hand’s sweat (in hot weather) so I need something that would not slip out of my hands. The cap clips on tight at the rear end so you know it will be there until you decided to put it back. The cap will not fly off into oblivion even if you shake the marker vigorously.


These Sanford Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Markers are one of the best marking utensils I have used to write at work and at home for my personal and business needs. I always keep one or two in stock just in case. I would recommend these for your daily office use or even your home and school needs. You cannot go wrong with a Sanford Sharpie.