Falcon Dust-Off DPSXL Duster Review

Falcon always gives you a great blow-job!


I am giving this 5 out of 5 because it reduces my sneezing problem from all the dust.


Easy to use, carry, and store…


Blows dust everywhere and has many cautions…

I first came across these compresses blowers a few years ago when I was looking for better ways to clean my computer hardware. I used to blow all the dust by literally blowing with the air in my lungs but I always ended up with all kinds of dust getting in my nose which resulted in me sneezing for hours.

So finally after a couple of incidents like this, I decided that it was time to find a better solution to this problem. One day I was browsing around at CompUSA and there it was in the center aisle with a big sign that said Dust-Off: 2 for the price of one (that certainly got my attention). So I grabbed two and checked out at the cashier; I got these for $6.99 or about $3.50 each (an excellent deal). Later I found out that Costco sells four-packs which will result in a much lower price than $3.50.


This is a 10 ounce can of (100%) ozone-safe of liquefied gas that is an alternative to blowing dust just by blowing your lungs out. It blows dust off of your electronics or anything into the environment. Make sure you go outside or are in a place that can handle dust. Hold the can upright about two inches away from the item to be cleaned and pull the trigger. You can also use the straw to clean hard to reach areas.


Here are some things you should never do with this product as it may cause some serious health problems.

  • Do NOT ever inhale the substance that comes out of this can directly.
  • Do NOT shake it as you would a can of spray paint.
  • Do NOT tilt the can; keep it upright at all times.
  • Do NOT use or store this near open flame or sparks.
  • Do NOT let the substance make contact with your skin (you will freeze your skin off).
  • Do NOT puncture the can (all the above can occur).
  • Do NOT store the can in direct sunlight or temperatures above 120 degrees F or 49 degrees C.
  • Do NOT use this on your digital or analog camera LCD screen or lens.


Let me say that this “duster” can blow all the dust you have from almost anywhere, so do not limit yourself to just your computer hardware. I use it to dust the inside of my computer, my keyboard, my all-in-one printer, my desk, and my wife uses it to dust the entertainment center we have in our living room. No need to use one of those feather dusters (for us anyway). You can clean almost all electronics, and probably everything else with this thing; my wife cleans the shelves we have in our little bathroom. Even though blowing in the bathroom seems weird to me, I just cannot help but think dirty thoughts (which my wife can probably blow off… with this duster of course). This blower comes in handy when you want to clean those hard to clean places such as the inside of your computer, monitor, TV, and many more.  It comes with a thin red straw that fits on the nozzle of this can so you can focus the air exactly where you want to. You can use it without the nozzle if you are blowing a large area. I think whoever came up with this idea of compressed air to blow things away was a genius (has probably made a lot of money also).


Although it gets most of the dust off, it does leave some behind in places you would prefer to be spotless (like a glass tabletop). You will then have to use other means of getting rid of that mess. When you blow, make sure you are outside because if you do it indoors, you will have dust all over the house. Oh yeah, the can tends to get very cold after a while of continuous use so take breaks after each use or wear gloves or something. That is about it for the bad things that I can think of right now.


I personally use this air blower to clean all my customers’ computers; it is like a free service that is included with other major services. The customers always tell me that they wanted to clean their computer but did not know how to, so I tell them if they come back to get their computer serviced by me, I will always clean it for free. I also use it to clean my HP OfficeJet 7310xi at home and HP OfficeJet 7410 at work with this duster. Just a couple of blows and all the dust come right off. I have been using these blowers for about three years now and I have always recommended these to all my friends and family and I will do the same to everyone else.


Although this product has a large list of cautions, it is still worth purchasing and using. I mean, it is not as dangerous as it sounds. This product is easy to use and store when done properly. I have never done any of the above-described cautions and thus I have no problems using it. It is absolutely safe for me and my family.