Titan TTC-G9TZ Notebook Cooler Review

Light-Weight, Quiet and Portable!


One of the innovative notebook coolers designed with today’s user in mind.


Very portable, versatile, quiet and light weight design. Easy to use and setup.


Still room for improvement to cool even better.

Titan recently launched the TTC-G9TZ notebook cooler that is both stylish and portable. It is a three in one multi-functioning notebook cooler that can be used on a desk or on your lap. Its foldable board design makes it ultra-portable and can keep your lap safe from laptop heat.

These days, almost every household has a laptop or netbook, and with that comes heat which is the worst enemy of any electronic device. Notebook coolers are not only getting to be more stylish, smaller, lightweight, and portable. Now you don’t have any excuse not to have a notebook cooler in your carrying case. A little while back we tested the Thermaltake Massive23 ST notebook cooler that performed really well in all our tests. So let’s see how this one holds up.


The G9TZ comes in a slim and portable package with pictures, specifications, and instructions on how to use it. The instructions are in many different languages so find the one that makes the most sense to you and follow it. There are three pieces in the package–the G9TZ itself (with two fans), the foldable aluminum board, and a retractable USB power cable. Yup the cooler itself is in two pieces to give you the flexibility to use one or the other–or even both together. Use it as you wish. There is a green power LED along with the power switch and the USB port to power the thing on the right-hand side. There are also two push buttons on each side that is used to release the aluminum board from its locked position on the cooler. The board has two stylish grills in the same spot where the fans would be when locked in place with the base. The base also has grills because you can use it by itself also. This cooler can accommodate any notebook or netbook smaller than 15 inches.


Setting up and using this G9TZ is simple without instructions. First, obviously you have to unpack all three components, then either use just the aluminum board by itself or use the base that has the fans by itself or you can combine both and get the ultimate cooling power. To use just the aluminum board by itself, just unfold it (it takes a little effort to unfold) and slide the two metal locks (on the back) across to lock it in that position. You also have the option to use the little stands that you can also unfold that will give it a little lift on hard surfaces. To use the base by itself just put your notebook or netbook on it (right over the fans), plug in the USB power cable and turn on the power switch. To use everything together, just dock the aluminum board on the base then plug in the USB power. This will give you the lift and the cooling power you need. The fans are really quiet at full speed and you cannot hear them at all.

To test this notebook cooler, I will measure the temperatures of the CPU at both idle and on load and use SpeedFan 4.40 to record the temperatures. To test at idle, I will leave the computer running for an hour without running anything and then take the temperature measurements. To test at load, I will use CPU Burn-in 1.01 for another hour to load the CPU at 100% and then record the temperatures. I will be using my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 laptop to perform these tests. Then I will compare the results with my results from the tests I performed with the Thermaltake Massive23 ST notebook cooler.


At idle, my laptop ran at 43oC without any cooler, at 37oC with the Massive23 cooler, and 39oC with this G9TZ cooler. At load, my laptop ran at 77oC without any cooler, 56oC with the Massive23 cooler, and 59oC with the G9TZ cooler. So as you can see, the G9TZ did well but not as well as the huge Massive23 ST. This was expected because the Massive23 ST has a huge 200mm fan compared to two 80mm fans of the Titan. But in any case, it did cool the laptop better than not having any cooler at all which is what we need, and plus the G9TZ is much more portable and lightweight than the Massive23.


The Titan TTC-G9TZ is a very cool looking, lightweight, stylish and portable notebook or netbook cooler that does the job and does it well. It is also very easy to set up and use. It is designed to look good, to cool very nicely, be extremely versatile and portable. The two 80mm fans are virtually silent and will keep your computer running cool. I was very pleased with this notebook cooler and also how it looked while in use. I would highly recommend this notebook cooler to anyone looking to improve the cooling on their notebooks or netbooks.


BearingZ-axis Bearing
Rated Speed1500 ± 10% RPM
Noise Level< 20 dBA
Airflow21.48 CFM
Static Pressure0.254 mm H2O
Power Consumption1.3 watts
Fan Dimensions2 x 80 x 80 x 10 mm
Outline Dimensions340 x 230 x 42 mm
Life Time60,000 hours