Uniden TRU 448-2 Cordless Phone Review

Good Phone for a Good Price!


The phone is great but the volume is not loud enough, but its decent.


Needs only one phone jack.


The volume is not loud enough even with the volume at max.

I bought this Uniden TRU 448-2 cordless phone for $129.99 from Target. And I like using it because this is the best phone I have ever had. I am not saying this is better than all other phones out in the market today, but the best I have had so far.


With the 2.4 GHz range, it works all around the house and even all around the yard. This is a great phone if you like taking your phone with you (either inside or outside the house). Sometimes I like to go outside and talk and get some fresh air at the same time and I have never gotten disconnected with this phone.


The sound quality is good, but the only problem with it is the volume. Even when you turn up the volume to maximum it is still not loud enough. So if you are in a noisy environment, you will have a hard time hearing. Other than that the quality is clear and without noise.


Dialing and saving numbers is easy enough after you read the manual and get the hang of it. You can dial the number and when you press TALK that is when it dials. It has a Caller-ID list. When you want to save numbers from the Caller-ID list, you just press a button and it will be saved. It is that simple. The best thing is that it only needs one phone jack and both headsets work.


Overall this phone is great and if it wasn’t for the volume control, it would have been the perfect phone. But I assume that the models later than this one should have this problem fixed.


Transmission Band2.4 GHz
Operating LinesSingle line operation
FeaturesCaller ID
Call waiting
Answering system
Handset locator
LCD display
Answering SystemDigital
Recording CapacityUp to 10 minutes
Dialer TypeKeypad
Standby TimeUp to 240 hours
Talk TimeUp to 6 hours
Warranty1 year