Axe Deodorant Body Spray Review

Wanna Get Women to Smell Ya Again?


This beats all of those deodorant sticks and gels.


Smells good, lasts longer, and keeps you dry…


Sometimes makes your under arm a bit warm…

I have been using Axe Deodorant Bodyspray for some years now and it beats using those sticks and gels deodorants. I have been using this way before they came up with the commercial that shows women stalking men wearing Axe Deodorant Bodyspray. I usually purchase these from Target as they always have them in stock and the prices are usually lower than other department stores. I also recommend purchasing your condoms from Target if you want to save a lot of money.


Axe makes this great body sprays that come in really cool black cans; these are 4-ounce aerosol cans. Axe has come up with a unique can design that had a button on the top that you have to slide forward and then push down; this stops those accidental sprays where you get the contents in your face or eyes. These body sprays come in a variety of scents including Voodoo, Touch, Essence, Kilo, Pheonix, Apollo, Orion, Tsunami, and now Unlimited (if I am remembering them all). Each has its own very unique scent but with the same long-lasting effect. Tsunami and Unlimited are my favorites among the selection because of their smooth and pleasant scent and plus my wife likes them too.


The Tsunami variety is one of my favorites because I like the scent and cool feeling that comes after applying it. Axe describes this scent as “ocean meets citrus” and they are right on the money. If you have ever wanted to capture that ocean scent and the scent of citrus this body spray has them both. The scent is not too strong so it will not knock out the person sitting next to you or in the next cubical. It is smooth and refreshing.


Sometimes I feel a warm sensation after applying the body spray; I do not know if that is a side effect of part of the product, but it sometimes gets a bit too warm for me. So what I do is just wait a bit longer before I put on my shirt. This usually happens when I used the Touch scent body spray.


Well since my wife cannot stand most of the body spray deodorants out in the market today, I decided to give these Axe scents a go to see how my wife reacts and so far she has not complained too much. I mean she has a very sensitive nose and she will smell every scent in a 100-meter radius (just kidding). But she always asks me to go to the next room to put on the deodorant. She is fine with the smell a few minutes afterward though. I think it is the propellant that accelerates the scent out of the can that irritates my wife not the actual scent of the deodorant.

I usually put this body spray on early every morning and it usually lasts me the whole day (about 9 or 10 hours). I have never had smelly armpits while I had this body spray on. I do tend to sweat when I work hard and when I am stressing out, but this deodorant suppresses all the odors and keeps mine underarms dry at all times. I have used many different kinds of stick deodorants in the past and I can proudly say that this body spray feels and applies much better and easier.


I am not saying that if you wear this body spray, women will stick to you like glue, but it definitely gets more heads to take a second look (if my wife reads this she will surely kill me). So get rid of those sticky gels and those dry sticks, and get one of these body sprays from Axe. It will keep you feeling comfortable and smelling good at all times.