Shield Skins Motorola Droid X Full Body Protector Review

No Scratches and Fits Perfectly!


Excellent skin for the Droid X or any other device.


Easy to install and remove, very affordable and smooth.


Initially noticed some ultra fine shallow scratches but they stopped after some use.

Are you someone who drops their phone often or has a tendency of getting your mobile devices all scratched up shortly after purchasing them? Well, you are not alone! We are all prone to dropping and scratching our beloved devices. But, there are things you can do to prevent damage to your phones or life-lines as I like to think of them.

I have owned many smartphones, GPS devices, and iPod’s and like a lot of you, I have also dropped, scratched, and put unwanted cracks on them. You can use rubber, leather, or plastic cases, but they make your device look different and sometimes not as sexy as they were when you purchased them. So, that’s where clear skins come in to play. There are many companies that make these skins for a variety of mobile devices. Even though they use similar material and technology to manufacture then, each is still different and will provide different experiences. I recently compared the XO Skins to Invisible Shield for my Motorola Droid X smartphone and found out that XO Skins doesn’t have the orange peel effect like the Invisible Shield skins do. Now I am going to compare Shield Skins with them to see how it fairs against them.


Shield Skins designed the Motorola Droid X full body protector to fit perfectly just like XO Skins and unlike Invisible Shield. These skins are easy to install and are barely noticeable when installed. If you have any existing scratches on your device, you may notice that most of them are filled in and do not distract you anymore. The skin film was originally developed by the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades from flying debris and also space shuttles. With Shield Skins, your device will be fully protected from scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and much much more. Shield Skins is so confident in the strength of the protection their skins provide, that each purchase comes with a free Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a 30-day Money back guarantee. These skins come off easily (if needed) without leaving any sort of residue behind.


Shield Skins for the Motorola Droid X comes in a thin plastic packaging without anything fancy (simple and straight forward). The Shield Skins logo and website are listed on the front and there is a small sticker that tells you that this skin is for the Motorola Droid X and also the fact that it is a Fully Body skin and not just the screen protector. The back has some basic information about Shield Skins, how they manufacture their skins, and the contents of the package. Speaking of the contents, you will find the set of skins, a small application solution spray bottle, a squeegee application card, and instructions to help you with the installation. You can purchase this full-body protection kit from the Shield Skins website for only $16.99 (just like all their skins) or you can get the screen protector for only $8.99 (plus shipping). You also have an option to buy the body protector only for $9.99 plus shipping. These prices are cheaper than Invisible Shield and XO Skins skins. So they are cheaper, but will it be of similar quality? Since Shield Skins custom designs their skins, this fits the Motorola Droid X’s 4.3″ screen perfectly.


Before you do anything, turn off your phone completely and pull the battery out. The reason you do this is that you don’t want the application spray (which is liquid) getting on the internals of your phone and frying everything. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your entire device clean (wipe it, again and again, to make sure there are no dust particles on the screen). Then you need to spray the application liquid on your hands and fingertips. Then spray the top of the skin that you are going to apply (while it is still stuck to the paper). Then peel it off from the paper with your fingertips (still wet) and spray the glue side of the skin too (yup that’s right, I said spray the glue side with the application liquid too). Do NOT spray your device — you will ruin your phone! This is so you can easily move the skin around while installing and to reduce fingerprints and debris/dirt. Then place the skin on the area (the screen for instance) and align it gently (some small pieces may be hard to apply but you need some patience). Then use the squeegee to squeeze as much fluid outwards towards the left and right edges of your Droid X. Don’t squeeze the fluid up or downwards because you don’t want to get the liquid inside the phone through the speaker or physical button edges. You can also do this to move any air bubbles out. Then dry the device with a piece of cloth and let it sit for a couple of hours. This is to allow the skin to set and dry so it doesn’t come off quickly. You can use a blow dryer to help it dry quicker but I preferred the all-natural wait method. One thing to note is that after you install the skin and dry it with a cloth, you will notice tiny air bubbles under the skin. Don’t panic, this is normal, those will go away over time (roughly a day or so). Installation takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes depending on how patient you are and which skins you are going to installing.


I have had the Shield Skins Droid X skin installed for a few weeks now and love every minute of it. I know that my Droid X is protected and won’t have any scratches (it might even be in mint condition forever). I had also tried the Invisible Shield Droid X skin for a couple of weeks also but hated the orange peel texture. Every time you swipe your finger on the screen you could feel the texture of the skin which I thought was very annoying. The XO Skin, on the other hand, has minimal to no texture at all. You can barely tell that it is there. The same can be said for the Shield Skins, it’s barely there! The Shield Skins and XO Skins install easily and quickly and they fit exactly unlike the Invisible Shield skins. The Invisible Shield was a bit short too compared to the actual size of the Droid X screen (4.3 “). All skins had air bubbles in the beginning but they disappeared after a day or so.

I also did some minor scratch tests but didn’t go to any extremes as I didn’t want to find out if I could destroy the skin and/or my phone. So I took my house keys and tried scratching the 4.3″ screen of my Droid X. While the screen didn’t scratch the skin had some ultra-fine scratches. I wiped the screen with a piece of cloth and that got rid of almost all of the scratches but some minor one’s stayed. Not a big deal though, because you can hardly notice them. But the fine lines disappeared after a few minutes — almost like it self-healed itself. I have also dropped the phone so many times and I have yet to see a dent, chip, or scratch anywhere on my phone.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the Shield Skins and XO Skins Motorola Droid X full body skins. I would pick either one over the Invisible Shield any day now that I have tested both. I seriously find the orange peel texture of the Invisible Shield very annoying (it’s not very invisible). The XO Skin cost’s a bit less than the Invisible Shield, but Shield Skins costs less than both of them. It’s worth every dollar you spend on it and I can guarantee you that it will protect your investment for a long time. You get a better product for a really great price and a lifetime replacement warranty. I would highly recommend the Shield Skins Screen and Body Protectors for any device you have. They will keep your device safe without any regrets. I would not recommend getting the Invisible Shield if you don’t like any kind of texture on the device.