Holmes HQH309 Heater Review

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End of last year, I bought this Holmes HQH309 Heater from Target because we wanted to save on gas since our home has one of those old heating systems that is installed on the flower unlike the newer central heating systems nowadays. This old system uses a lot of gas during the winter weather so we wanted to get something electrical so the cost would go down. A couple of weeks later my sister decided to get one for her home after seeing how it works with us.


I usually find that Target, Costco Wholesale, and K-Mart have these appliances for the lowest price possible at retail stores. But I am sure you can find it online for a much cheaper price. I would suggest looking at Amazon.com, eBay.com, or any other online store you use a lot. I personally got this from Target for about $35.00.


The Holmes HQH309 is simple to use an electric heater that you can use in any room of your home. There is only one button on the panel which allows you to set the desired temperature and either the high or low setting too. You also use this one button to turn the unit on and off. There is a red button on the back of the unit which allows you to reset it. This comes in handy when you shake or move the unit when it is on, or when there is a power surge, it turns off automatically; then all you have to do is set it down, press the red button to reset, and use the one-touch button to turn it on again.

I think it uses 1000 watts when it is set to low and increases to 1500 watts when the high setting is on. The only noise you hear is when you first turn the unit on but it fades away very quickly and you will not notice it even if it was sitting right in front of you if the heat was not there. It is quieter than an older model we have at work (the Holmes Twin Ceramic Oscillating Heater).

The reflector panel reflects all the heat into the room from the heating lamps to give it an orange glow to indicate it is on; the LED lights on the panel light up also. The protection screen that encloses the heating lamps and reflector are made of stainless steel with a handle built-in so you can carry it easily (when it is cooled off); there is another grove on the back of the unit that makes it easy to carry even when it is hot because the back is made of plastic and it does not heat up.

The overall design is so nice and the unit is so light that it can be placed in any room with any worry. The unit weighs a little more than eight pounds so almost anyone can carry it.


First, let me say a word of caution as the front stainless steel protection screen does tend to heat up when the unit is on. So you should keep your children or pets away from this heater. Plus if they or anyone for that matter gets too close to the heater they will be exposed to too much heat and injuries can occur.

We have used this heater through one winter season and it is again time to bring it out from storage as winter is just around the corner. My dad likes to heat up the living room when he is watching TV in the evening and my mom likes to leave it next to her when she is in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for dinner. I usually use this when I sit at my computer and write reviews. My wife does not care as she just gets into warmer clothes or blankets.

We also use this heater for the times when we are outside; like for parties or gatherings. It is not meant for outdoor use but if you do not have anything else, this will keep you warm but not as much as you would like.

We all used this unit extensively last winter and this quality product has not given up on us yet. I a pretty sure it will last use for a lot more winters to come.


Another plus for this unit is that you are cover for six years if anything should go wrong. But I am hoping it will last us many more years after than. Holmes provides a six-year limited warranty if anything should go wrong with this unit. You can visit holmesproducts.com or dial 1-800-284-3267 to get warranty support. You should have the model number of this unit handy when contacting the manufacturer.


I guarantee you will be warm and cozy when you use this Holmes HQH309 Heater in your home for this winter. I have not had any problems with this unit as of yet and my sister is also very happy with her unit. I would strongly recommend any Holmes brand heater if you are looking for one.


Power SourceElectric
Heating Level2 levels
Safety FeaturesAuto shut-off
Power1000 - 1500 watts
Dimensions12 in (W) x 8.5 in (D) x 23 in (H)