Holmes HCH6150-U Triple Ceramic Tower Heater Review

Get warm and stay warm this winter!


Once you get warm this winter, you will stay warm…


Compact, light weight, remote, and warm…


None so far…

Two weeks ago I bought this Holmes HCH6150-U heater from Target because we wanted to save on gas since our home has those old heating systems that are installed on the flower unlike the newer central heating systems nowadays that are in the ceiling. This old system uses a lot of gas during the winter weather so we decided to get something electrical so the cost of gas would go down a bit.


I usually find that Target, Costco Wholesale, and K-Mart have these appliances for the lowest price possible. But I am sure you can find it online for a much cheaper price. I would suggest looking at Amazon.com, eBay.com, or your favorite online store. I personally got this from Target for about $49.99 plus tax.


The Holmes HCH6150-U is simple to use an electric space heater that you can use in any room of your home. There are a total of five buttons on the control panel of this unit (Mode, Timer, +, -, and Osc). The Mode button allows you to turn the unit on or off and switch between high, low, and auto settings. The plus and minus buttons allow you to set the desired temperature at which you want the unit to automatically shut-off. The Osc button obviously turns the Oscillation on and off. The unit also comes with a Remote control that has the same five buttons as the control panel on the unit itself.

I am pretty sure this unit uses 1000 watts when it is set to low and increases to 1500 watts when the high setting is on. The only noise you hear is when you turn the unit is the fan but it fades away quickly and you will not notice it even if it was sitting right in front of you (that is if the heat was not there). It is quieter than an older model (the HQH309 or HQH307).

There are three ceramic heating elements that create enough heat to fill any small room in just a few minutes. You will notice the unit is on only by the illumination of the LCD display. The protection screen that encloses the heating element is made of stainless steel so it will not melt or heat up too much. There is an integrated carrying handle on the back of the unit that makes it easy to carry even when it is hot because the back is made of cool touch plastic and it does not heat up.

The overall design is so nice and the unit is so light that it can be placed in any room without any worry. The unit weighs just about five pounds so almost anyone can carry it without a lot of trouble.


First of all let me warn you, like most space heaters the front stainless steel protection screen does tend to heat up when the unit has been on for a while, so you should keep your children or pets away from this heater. And if they do get too close to the heater, they will be exposed to a lot of heat so injuries can occur.

I have used this heater for two weeks now and it has warmed me and my wife up in my computer room nicely. We usually turn this on for an hour or so in our bedroom before we go to bed so the room is nice and warm. I also like to have this by my feet in the living room when I am watching TV in the evening, but my wife likes to leave it next to her when she is in the kitchen preparing dinner. I usually use this when I sit at my computer and write reviews.

I have used this heater in my car shed when we are outside for BBQs, parties, or family gatherings. It is not meant for outdoor use but if you do not have anything else, this will keep you warm but not as much as you would like.

I have another Holmes heater and that is the reason I went ahead and bought another one of the same brands. I am pretty sure it will last us for this and a lot more winters to come.


The bottom of the box says that this unit is covered for five whole years if anything should go wrong with it. But I am hoping it will last us many more years after that.

Holmes provides a five-year limited warranty if anything should go wrong with this unit. You can visit holmesproducts.com or dial 1-800-284-3267 to get warranty information and support. You should always have the model number of this unit handy when contacting the manufacturer.


I can proudly say that you will be warm and cozy when you use this Holmes HCH6150-U heater in your home this winter. It is like have your own portable fireplace (well not quite, but close enough). I have not had any problems with this unit as of yet and so I am very happy with my investment. I would strongly recommend any Holmes brand heater if you are looking for one this cold and bitter winter that is just at our doorsteps.


Remote ControlYes
ThermostatConfortTemp Digital Termostat
DisplayEasy-to-Read illuminated LCD
Heating ElementsTriple Ceramic Heating Elements
Timer24 hour On/Off Timer
OscillationWide angled motorized oscillation
Safety ProtectionTip-over protection and Auto off
HousingCool touch plastic housing
HandleIntegrated carry handle
FilterDust pre-filter
Power Usage1500 watts
Warranty5 years