Drano Professional Strength Foamer Clog Remover Review

Did not notice that much of a difference!


Does not work as it should…


Very slow…


Almost everything…

We have had many clogged sinks and bathtubs and the most effective way we unclog it is with a hose connected from the outside taps to force the drains clear. I tried this Drano Professional Clog Remover it is still not as effective as the hose supplies water with some force.

My family believes in fixing everything yourself, and so I mostly prefer doing it all myself. And to tell you the truth, this is usually the best way to fix things because it does save us money and gets it done exactly the way we want it.


I know that every bathtub gets clogged sooner or later and the bathroom and kitchen sinks are almost the same. So one day when this happened, I thought I would try something new, instead of just doing it myself. I used the plunger for a while and after that did not work, I remembered that I had gotten this Drano some weeks ago to try out, so I thought what good of a time to bring it out and give it a shot. So I poured it in and waited and waited and waited… nothing. Well, I did notice that the water levels did start to drop slowly, but I was not satisfied. So I busted out with my hose trick and the clog was gone in minutes just like always.

I had seen many commercials for these clog removers and was just dying to try them out. Well, let me tell you that it did not work for me, so as far as me buying these clog removers again… forget about it. Well maybe if I see it work with somebody else that I might try it again, but not now.

I purchased this from Target for about $2.50. I do not even think this product works well enough for the price. I have never tried that other clog remover Liquid Plumber, but maybe it is better or worst than this Drano. I do not know if I followed the instructions correctly but this product just did not work for my clogged situation.

Usage: They say you have to pour it in and leave if for an hour or so and then open hot water on it to let it all clear. I did that but did not notice much difference.


If you have clogged drains in your house, use a hose to clear it instead of wasting your money on this so-called clog removers. I think these clog removers work fine for minor clogs but for stronger clogs, you have to find other means of relief. This product does not cost a lot, but why would you even spend $2.50 on something that does not work at all. Other people might have different opinions on this product, but this is what I went through.