Panasonic KX-T7433B Digital Corded Phone Review

Another Excellent Phone System!


I would recommend this product if this were not an old model, but Panasonic has definitely made improvements, so look for a newer model when purchasing.


Big LCD, 24 programmable lines, paging system, and speaker phone.


Twisting cords, single number redial only, confusing manual.

I did not buy this Panasonic KX-T7433B phone, but instead, I use this phone every day at work. I do not know how much the company paid for it, but I can found out that retail is $159.00 at The reason I am writing about this phone is that I like using this phone; it is easy to use. When I first started this job, I had some trouble using the phone but once I got the hang of it, it was no problem. I downloaded the user manual from Panasonic’s support website so I could learn more tips and tricks about it. I have also written about the KX-T7425B which is very similar to this, but fewer features.


One of the best things about this phone is that it has a built-in LCD that shows the current date and time information when not in use. When you use the phone it will tell you how long you have been on the phone down to the second. The LCD can be adjusted anywhere from 0° to 45° angle whichever is comfortable for you.

My company is not very big so we currently have four active lines and transferring between them is a breeze. Most of the time, I need to page an employee of ours if there is a phone call and to make my life easier, Panasonic put a paging system on it. The paging system can be used in two ways; first is where you put a call on hold and page another phone in the same system (at another desk). The second is where you do an overhead page throughout the company for someone if that person is not at their desk. This feature comes in handy every single day for me because I do not have to get up and look for someone.

The big deal for the volume control which handles the voice levels for the speakerphone and the headset. This helps when you have a loud person on the phone or when you can barely hear someone. To change the ringer volume, there is the Ring menu on the LCD and right under it is a soft button that you can use for it. Just press the soft button and use the volume control dial to change the volume.

One of the most used features on this phone is the Speaker Phone; I use it every time I make a call. I push the speakerphone button and dial the number I want and do not pick up the headset until someone actually answers the phone. I also use this when I get to put on hold when I am searching for a specific part, etc…

There are a total of 24 buttons for different lines on this phone which is more than enough for any small business. All I have to do is press the transfer button and the preset extension button and the call is transferred.


One of the things I do not like is when the twisted cord that connects the headset to the phone base gets even more twisted with itself and does not extend far enough. This happens every single day so I have to pick up the headset and unwind it every day. The other feature I do not admire that much is the Redial; it redials the last dialed number only. It would have been better if it redialed at least the last 3 to 6 or maybe more numbers.

The user manual is a bit hard to read, but it does explain the major features very well. It seems to explain the minor feature not as thoroughly as it does the major ones. Panasonic could have improved on the manual’s wording and it would have help if they added a little more detail.


I have been using this phone for about two years now, but it has been with the company for over five. It has never failed to perform its duties, but we had to replace one of them because someone accidentally spilled coffee on it. Other than that, we did not experience any major problems with this specific phone.

Since I have been using this phone for about two years now, I can confidently recommend this phone or the newest model of this Product line from Panasonic. I have always trusted Panasonic with any kind of phone system; whether is it for home or business use. I am a loyal Panasonic customer when it comes to phones. I can say this proudly because I use a Panasonic phone at work and home, and it has been almost like a family tradition to buy a Panasonic phone only for me.


When I look at all of the advantages this phone has, I tend to overlook all the disadvantages because I know the newer model of this product definitely has a lot of the cons I listed fixed, updated, or even upgraded. So I would not recommend you or your company buying this particular model, but the newest one that Panasonic has currently. Whether you or your company are thinking about buying new phones, I would say forget everything else and go with Panasonic because they will never let you down. I can say this from experience.


Programmable Buttons24
LCD Screen3-line 24-characters with 3 soft keys
Jog Dial ControlAvailable
Other PortsXDP (eXtra Device Port)
Call AnnounceWhisper Off-Hook Call Announce
Other FeaturesAutomatic Redial
CompatibilityAll KX-TD and KX-TDA phone systems