Swingline 747 Classic Full Strip Stapler Review

Like they say -- Old is Gold!


Got small jobs, this is the man for you…


Reliable and quick for small jobs…


Gets staple jams once in a blue moon…

After writing about the Swingline Half-Strip Personal Electric Stapler and Swingline 113 XD StrongArm Heavy-Duty Stapler, I decided to write about this Swingline 747 Classic Full Strip Stapler; even though I recommended against manual staplers.  Well, after thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that manual staplers can come in handy too. I usually use this unit for my regular daily use.


The Swingline 747 Full Strip is nicely designed to take less of my desk space; this is always good for me because I can use all the space I can get. The black and chrome color is nice because it matches with all other office supplies and electronics on my desk like my Swingline Half-Strip, Panasonic KX-T7425B Phone, and Canon P1-DH III Calculator. The design is compact and tough at the same time.


The Swingline 747 Full Strip can handle up to twenty (20) (20 lb) sheets at one time, which is a lot more than what I use it for on a daily basis. I usually use my Swingline Half-Strip Electric Stapler for my multiple smaller needs but this unit always comes in handy for one or two small jobs.

I have stapled about fifteen to twenty pages at a time with this stapler and this unit does not seem to give up until the staples run out. It does not freeze up when used excessively; it does the job correctly every single time. If you do have more than twenty pages that you want to staple together, I would suggest using something that can handle more pages.

Loading staples is easy as one two three… Just lift the black top-up from the chrome staple holder, replace the staples, and push it down and you are done. So far this unit has performed as it should for me and I know it will continue to do so for a very long time.


I would say that I use this stapler at least once a day and I am very happy with it so far. I have used it for about two years now and I only had about two or maybe three staple jams. So far I have stapled up to about twenty pages and this stapler does not sweat because it is fully capable of handling that number of pages. Even though this unit is not made or designed for more than 20 pages, it has happily accommodated up to 22 pages for me at times.


For the time I have used the Swingline 747 Full Strip stapler, I can proudly say that it can make your stapling simpler and easier. So go ahead and get one for yourself.