Taylor Precision Tech Bathroom Scale Review

My First Digital Scale...


A simple, compact, and accurate scale for your everyday needs…


Compact, light weight, stable, and very accurate…


Nothing major, but could have had some sound notifications…

Last year I bought this new Taylor Precision Tech Scale 7000 Series scale from Target for about $25; I actually bought the 7004 model. The only difference between the 7000 and 7004 is the finish and the color. The main reason I bought this was that I wanted to try a digital scale and see how good or accurate it really was; I used to have an old fashioned scale with dial before.


First of all, this particular model (the 7004) has a chrome finish and the textured gray vinyl mat. I like chrome, so obviously I would go for that instead of just plain white. And the textured vinyl mat was better than a smooth white mat.

I like the “pretty big” (0.8 inches to be exact) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen that lights up bright white on a black background. It is in the front in clear view (unless you are really big and lack the ability to see right below yourself) that allows you to see your weight quickly and easily.

Another aspect I admired is the lightweight slim design that makes it easy to store and use. The scale itself weighs a little more than three (3) pounds (guess how I weighed this scale). It is about 10 inches in length, 9.50 inches in width, and about 1.50 inches in depth; this is very compact. You can store it in any tight space you want and not have to think twice about it.

The scale is fully balanced so as you begin to stand on it, one foot at a time, it will not tip over or tilt which can make you fall. Just place it on a flat surface and jump on it (metaphorically speaking of course).


Even though it is digital, it is not as fast as the analog scale I had before. One would expect to see their weight as soon as (or within a second or two) they stepped on it, but with this scale, you probably have to stand on it for about 10 seconds to get a reading. Then if you are not standing on it with your weight on both your feet evenly, you might get an inaccurate result.

I found the hard way that it is always good to place the scale on a flat surface (the bathroom floor; not on carpets or rugs) and stand on it straight with all your weight on both your feet.

Another thing that I would expect on this scale is that since it takes a few seconds to calculate the weight, maybe Taylor could have added a beep when it was done. This is so you do not have to keep look down and weight for the results.


This scale has automatic on and off feature; it turns on as soon as you step on, and turns off after you step off (after a few seconds). There is also an auto-zero function that zeros the results after a few seconds before it turns off automatically.

Best of all it can handle up to 300 pounds and is accurate down to 0.5 pounds. You can choose between pounds and kilograms with a flip of a switch on the bottom of the scale. It can handle up to 136 kilograms and is accurate down to 0.2 kilograms.

The lithium battery is a great idea because we can replace it easily, even though I have not had a chance to do so because it has not died yet.


I always store this scale in my bathroom because that is where I usually weigh myself. You have to get all your clothes off to get the most accurate measurement that is. And what better place than the bathroom; maybe that is why we call it a bathroom scale (wow… am I smart or what?).

See I usually take two different measurements when I go to the bathroom for whatever I have to do there. The first one is usually before I do my business in the toilet department. Then after the shower, I do another measurement where I always notice a difference (usually a couple pounds less). I do not know about anyone else, but this is how I do it. Just to see how much junk I have been eating.

No one in my household is over 200 pounds; we are all lightweight. So I cannot say how accurate it is over the 200-pound marker. This scale always does its best at giving me the most accurate reading it can, and I expect nothing less from it.


This is the first time I have used a product made by Taylor, and I can proudly say that it was an investment I would never regret. So if you are looking for a scale for your everyday weighing needs, get the Taylor scale, and get the most accurate measurements possible.


Model7000 Series
Display Type0.8 inch LCD
Capacity300 lbs x 0.5 lbs
136 kg x 0.2 kg
Other FeaturesInstant On
Auto Zero
Auto Off
PowerLithium Battery