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Written by Mark Yarbough   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010
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Coolink Lapchilla Notebook Cooler

Simple Design, Light-Weight, Quiet, Good Ergonomics!

Coolink is offering a USB Lapchilla laptop cooler, it has a simple design, is light-weight, has a huge 220mm fan and has the ability to adjust to a 15 or 32 degree angle. It connects easily to your laptop using a loop-through USB connector.

There are plenty of stylish and sleek laptop coolers on the market, but Coolink decided to keep their design basic and practical. All you need to do is take it out of the box and connect it to one of your USB ports. Keeping your laptop properly cooled is an important part of preventive maintenance, Helping to reduce hardware failure due to overheating issues. Coolink provides a easy to use solution with their Lapchilla cooler, let’s see how it performs.

The Coolink Lapchilla comes in packaging the size of a small pizza box. Part of the front packaging is clear, so you can actually look at the product inside before opening the box. On the back is a picture of the Lapchilla along with Packaging and Product information. Inside the packaging you have the laptop cooler itself and the user instructions which is simple and to the point. The design is simplistic there are no LED lights or any type of other features, it’s just the fan and the USB connector. The Lapchilla is made of ABS plastic, which makes it fairly light-weight (0.8kg). The dimension are 300(H) x 270(W) x 25(D) mm, which is large enough to cool a 15.4 inch laptop without any issues. You will need a bit of extra room in your laptop bag to fit the Lapchilla, but once in your bag you will not notice much of a weight difference.

Coolink Lapchilla Notebook Cooler Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler
Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler
Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler
Coolink Lapchilla Notebook   Cooler
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The setup for the Lapchilla is really quick and simple. All you have to do is take the Lapchilla out of the box, adjust it to your preferred angle, connect the loop-though USB connector and the fan powers on. The Lapchilla has four rubber feet at the bottom, which allows you to place it on most surfaces. It is light enough to keep in your lap and portable enough for you to use it while lying in bed or stretched out on the sofa. The USB connector is retractable, so there are no excess cables to manage. The fan is 220mm which is fairly big and allow you to cool a large surface area (like a 15in laptop) at lower speed. It's also quiet with a acoustical noise level of 16 dB/A at full speed (600 rpm). You will barely be able to hear the fan running.

Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler Coolink Lapchilla Notebook  Cooler
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To test the Lapchilla, I measured the CPU temperature on idle with and without the laptop cooler and recorded the results. Then I tested on load (CPU usage is full capacity) with and without the laptop cooler and monitored the results. I used SpeedFan 4.40 to measure the CPU temperatures and CPU Burn-in 1.01 to put the CPU at 100% load. Each test was conducted for one hour. I will be using my handy Lenovo T40 Thinkpad laptop to test this cooler.

On idle my laptop ran at 56 degrees without the lapchilla and 47 degrees with the lapchilla. When tested at load the temperature whithout the lapchilla was 87 degrees and 81 degrees with the lapchilla. From the results of the test obiviously my laptop ran cooler using the lapchilla. With its 220mm fan the lapchilla can cool a significant amount of surface area. As soon as you put laptop on the lapchilla the temperature immediately starts to decline. Now let's see how these results compare with the Titan TTC-G9TZ and the Thermaltake massive23 ST notebook coolers.

Coolink Lapchilla Notebook Cooler
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The coolink Lapchilla is basic, light-weight easy to use laptop cooler that can adjust to two different angles. It’s not fancy but it gets the job done and cools my laptop significantly. It is a bit bulky, so you will need some extra room to fit it in your laptop bag. The 220mm fan runs at 600 rpm and the noise is only at 16 dB/A, so it will not disturb you while you are working. To adjust the Lapchilla to your desired angle is a bit of a challenging at times, but once you get it adjusted you are all set. I feel that the results were significant and the Lapchilla deserves to be considered when looking at laptop coolers.

Light weight, quiet and easy to use.
Maybe a little bulky to fit in laptop cases.
Bottom Line
All around very good notebook cooler for the everyday user.



Manufacturer :   Coolink
Website :
Color :   White
Material :   ABS Kunststoff
Adjustable Tilt Angle :   15o / 32o
Fan :   Size : 220 mm
Speed : 600 RPM
Airflow : 50 ml/h
Noise : 16 dB/A
Input Power :   Power : 0.5 Watt
Current : 0.1 A
Power Connector :   USB
Dimensions :   270 (W) x 300 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Warranty :   2 years
Description :  
Are you tired of getting a hot lap when working with your notebook on your legs? Thanks to its big base area as well as the adjustable tilt angle that ensures optimal ergonomics, the LapChilla is perfectly suited for both office use and working on your lap. The built-in 220mm fan will provide your laptop with quiet, highly efficient cooling, thereby reducing the risk of heat-related failures. Weighing only 0.8kg, the LapChilla can be completely collapsed so that it easily fits common laptop bags. Whether it's on your couch, on campus or in the metro: The LapChilla looks great just about anywhere!

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