BayReviews is 14 years old!

Happy Birthday to Us!

BayReviews came to life on the world wide web on March 05th, 2006 with the primary goal to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. We have been very successful in doing just that and have also improved our services over the years to make our articles easier to find and digest as well.

Over the years, we have made lots of improvements, such as the way the site looks and feels, the type of content, advertisements, and more. At our peak, traffic to the site and page views had reached hundreds of thousands if not millions per month. We had also made some good friends with companies and also other sites like BayReviews to post our news and link back to us (we also returned the favor at the same time).

In the past few years, the site has been on hold so we could give priority to our families and of course our day jobs. We are, however, working hard to bring BayReviews back, but first, we have to migrate all of our old content to our new content management platform. During this time things will change a lot, so please bear with us.

We hope to slowly ramp up, rethink our publishing strategy, and eventually start posting new content soon.

We would like to thank all of our readers and friends for their support and staying with us. And we hope you will be with us going forward.