Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 CPU

Almost by accident, I was recently shopping online and found the Intel E3300 45nm Dual-Core Celeron processor. Looking at the E3300 SLGU4 specifications, I noticed that it offers 1Mb of Level 2 cache and an impressive 2.5Ghz clock speed. Since this Intel Socket 775 CPU uses Core 2 Duo technology that means it can overclock and will outperform many other Celeron models on the market today.

Verizon UM175VW 3G USB Modem

Whether you need to get your netbook on the internet after school in a library or use your laptop at a client office to access your company servers to display Microsoft Excel spreadsheets during a presentation, the Verizon UM175VW 3G Modem can effortlessly get you connected to the internet. 3G modems act just like USB wireless networking cards except they use the cellular phone towers in your region to provide access to the internet.