Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

After my old Motorola HS850 Bluetooth wireless headset broke, so I went to Best Buy to get a replacement. After much shopping around, I came across this Plantronics Discovery 665 Wireless Headset. It is small, light weight, and easy to use. Just like my old Motorola. It cost me about $100 plus tax to own. I have no regrets what so ever about my decision to purchase this headset.

Sharper Image MI600 Swivel World Clock

For New Years, my boss presented me with this Sharper Image Swivel World Clock since I don’t drink wine or champagne like everyone else in my team. At first glance, I thought this was a very cool clock and I was right. It took a while for me to read the instruction and get the time to what I wanted it to be, but it was no problem. I was surprised that this clock tells me the room temperature also.

TomTom ONE New Edition GPS Navigation System

It has been almost a month since my wife bought me this TomTom ONE New Edition GPS Navigation System and I only have good things to say about this. The ONE has come in to existence because of the high demand recently for portable navigation systems. And all major manufacturers jumped on the idea and created their own versions of the cheaper and simpler and portable navigation systems.

Blackberry 7130e Smart Phone

A month ago I start this new and exciting job as a Network Systems Administrator that requires me to carry a Blackberry with me at all times because they want to be able to get a hold of me whenever there is a need. So on my first day at work, they handed me this BlackBerry 7130e and said it is mine to keep (as long as I am employed with them). I was excited but also did not know how to use it because I had never owned or used a Blackberry before.

Nextel i205 Cell Phone

I recently had to switch phones with one of our employees because I usually stay in the office and that other employee is always in the field. He got my Nextel i530 and I got his Nextel i205. I have always liked phones with color screens, cameras and other cool features like Bluetooth and broadband internet, but I had to settle for this because its for work use only and plus I have my own Razr V3m now. We usually purchase these phones from the local Nextel store.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H5 Digital Camera

One of my friends just purchased this new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 digital camera and asked me to check it out to see if it was worth it or not. I had used this camera for a week before he came and took it away from me. This camera costs about $500 (but I think my friend paid about $400) and is one of Sony’s high end ultra zoom series. It is capable of 7.2 megapixel with a 12X optical zoom lens that also has image stabilization.

Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter and Charger

I have been using my RoadTrip Charger / FM Transmitter with my 60GB (5th generation) iPod for about three or four months now and have had no problems with it what so ever. If you want a FM transmitter for your iPod that charges you iPod while transmitting via the FM frequency to your radio, then get this. I have to admit that there are unfortunately some down sides to this as well. It all boils down to the sound quality that is transmitted to your radio. So let me get right to the point.

Apple iPod Video 5th Gen 60GB Player

It was our anniversary this last February, and I decided to get my wife a very nice (expensive if I may add — $500) and in return she decided to get me this brand new 60 GIGA BYTE… Apple iPod Video (black). You will not believe how happy I have been these past few weeks. I have loaded it with videos, photos, podcasts, music, my contacts, and it still has room for more.